Dad's Poppies
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Original medium: Oil on canvas



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I sent my sister a link to my gallery page some time ago.  Her response was flattering and insightful at the same time. After looking at the entirety of my gathered works, she said: "Very nice.” "I like all that blue.” At that moment, I hadn't really noticed before, but the color blue seemed to be thematic across many of my recent works. This triggered me to challenge my color choices for my next painting. But, what subject could I choose? The answer came to me from a garden I planted in memory of my late father. Dad was an avid gardener, and he had a fine batch of bright red-orange poppies. I transplanted some of them to my own garden, and early each summer, right around Father’s Day, I am treated to a vibrant reminder of Dad.

That is the inspiration behind “DAD’S POPPIES.”

The original painting measures 15" x 30" and was painted in oil on canvas. You may buy prints in a variety of sizes.